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It’s the season, Visayanians!

December 10, 2021
It’s the season, Visayanians!
Christmas is fast approaching and again, it is now the season of gift giving and fun activities! Well, the fun never ends at University of the Visayas as the Supreme Student Council present you our set of activities with exciting prices! If we were you, we’ll never miss the chance to join.
We’re not having one or two but three activities, Visayanians! And these are:
1. InnUVate with Love Short Film Festival
2. Vouge and Vold Christmas FashiUVista
3. Visayanians Voice Caroling
Prizes includes cash prizes and certificates! Please see the photos below for more information. If you wish to join please approach your program coordinators, officers in your respective departments, or you may simply send us a private message!

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