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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Administration & Governance



PhD-PAG – Professional Track

1.    Demonstrate competency as leaders, managers, public servants, consultants who possess the required professional skills in leadership and management of government agencies and public enterprise. (PQF 8, ILO 1, ILO 3)
2.    Conduct and utilizes research to solve complex work-related problem. (PQF 8, ILO 3, ILO 5)
3.    Apply research and/or creativity skills to innovate and contribute to the policy process. (PQF 8, ILO 2, ILO 3, ILO 4, ILO 5)
4.    Apply significant level of expertise-based autonomy and accountability as a public servants, leaders, managers and consultants who apply the universal humanistic values that contribute to the growth and development of their community. (PQF 8, ILO 7)

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