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Doctor of Philosophy in

Business Administration

Academic Track


PhD-BA :  Academic Track

1.    Demonstrate highly advanced systematic knowledge and skills in highly complex interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary field. (PQF 8, ILO 1, ILO 3)

2.   Conduct complex research to facilitate the development of  theory to solve practical and real world problems   (PQF 8, ILO 3, ILO 4, ILO 5)  

3.    Apply research and/or creativity skills to innovate and create business models  with strategic value added.  (PQF 8, ILO 1, ILO 2, ILO 7)

4.    Apply significant level of expertise-based autonomy and accountability to professional leadership for innovation, and/or development management  (PQF 8, ILO 1, ILO 7)


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