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Master in Public Administration (MPA)

Academic Track (Thesis)


MPA- Academic Track

1.    Apply concepts, principles, and theories of public administration as those concerning public policy analyses, budgeting, and management of public and non-profit organizations with the aid of information and communication technology in public administration. (PQF 7-1/PQF 7-4/ ILO 3) 

2.    Conduct self-directed research with the primary purpose of contributing to the generation, production and advancement of knowledge in public administration.  (PQF 7-2/PQF 7-4/ ILO 2/ILO 3) 

3.    Communicate effectively through the various channels, maximizing the use of technical, digital, and media literacies using the applications of current and emerging technologies.  (ILO 4/ILO 5/ILO 6) 

4.    Demonstrate proactive leadership skills that can highly motivate, engage and manage diverse work teams effectively. (PQF 7-3/ ILO 1/ ILO 7) 

5.    Exhibit a mature, resilient mindset and high value of professionalism, especially when faced with complexity and challenges.  (ILO 7/ILO 1) 

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