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To stablish good governance and quality assurance in research, Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established on April 29, 2015 to fulfill the university’s intention to institutionalize a compendium of ethical guidelines and to establish a standard measure for excellence by which all research studies that may fall under its coverage shall observe and to which other research organizations may also adhere, in accordance with the ethical standards accepted and recognized by both the international and the national research community and authorities, consistent with principle and ideals aspired for by and enshrined in our university’s vision and mission, its objectives  and  goal, to conserve and develop whatever knowledge acquired or discovered in the process, for the cultivation of its researchers to be responsible citizens of the world and as future trailblazers of industries in their fields of expertise ,for the benefit  of those individuals and subject communities who took part in the undertaking, for the research community as whole to profit them, and, most of all, for the common good of the society and the preservation of the environment. The Center for Research and Development of the University of the Visayas do ordain and institute the UV-CRD Ethical Guidelines and Review Process on Researchers Involving Humans Subject and the Environment. Gullas College of Medicine handless animal subject that align with the guidelines presented by Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


Institutional Review Board aspires to have pool of ethical reviewers to cater with the bulk of manuscript submitted, research ethics training-workshop was conceptualized and realized with the support of PHREB and FERCAP. The training aims for the participants to apply principle of research ethics in the conduct of various types of academic research.