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CAS hosts ‘Fake News amid the Pandemic’ webinar

September 12, 2020
“Freedom is not absolute. Hence, we have to be responsible and extra careful with our actions. Corresponding right also comes with a corresponding responsibility.”
These were the words of Gullas Law School Associate Dean Atty. Darling Chyrmyth Wagas as she reminded the students on countering fake news and disinformation amid the pandemic during the College of Arts and Sciences’ webinar series on September 3, 2020 conducted via MS Teams.
CAS Journalism Professor Atty. Wagas encouraged students to develop skills on how to critically analyze factual news and information, such as: develop a critical mindset, check the source, see who else is reporting the story, examine the evidence, and check if it sounds right or if it makes sense.
She also highlighted the Section 4 Bill of Rights of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.
Students also had the chance to interact with Atty. Wagas by asking her questions.
CAS Dean Dr. Ramie L. Bulaybulay, Jr., Chairpersons, Instructors and Program Coordinators were also present.
College Secretary Kris Imea C. Ruales was the moderator of the webinar.

TVP Correspondents: Lady Anne Carillo and Roqsan Kate G. Ronzales, TVP Staff Writers.

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