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Doctor of Management

Professional Track


DM- Professional Track

1.    Demonstrate highly advanced systematic knowledge and skills in highly complex interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary field. (PQF 8, ILO1, ILO 3)

2.    Utilize complex research and/or creative work for the advancement of professional practice with full independence in individual work and/or in teams. (PQF 8, ILO3, ILO 4)

3.    Apply research and/or creativity skills to innovate and create business models  with strategic value added.  (PQF 8, ILO 2, ILO 3, ILO 5, ILO 7)

4.    Apply significant level of expertise-based autonomy and accountability to professional leadership for innovation, and/or development management   (PQF 8, ILO 1, ILO 2, ILO 7)

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