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The College of Education is a research oriented department for teacher training, continuing professional development of teachers, and the advancement of distinctive leadership in education.


The College of Education develops proficiency in research and communication, nurtures teacher competence, and cultivates leadership which are imbued with moral and spiritual values. While advancing research and scholarly work, it adheres to intellectual integrity, which eventually inculcates love for country, and promotes service to humanity.


The College of Education aims to be the center of excellence in teacher education equipped with functional knowledge and competencies, research skills, mastery of skills, critical thinking, competitive abilities, wholesome attitude, and moral and spiritual values.


  • Provide essential curricular offerings enriched with functional knowledge and competencies responsive to global demands;
  • Acquire the basic skills and competencies of efficiency and effectiveness to pre-service teacher on the teaching-learning process;
  • Develop wholesome attitude and professionalism in the exercise of one’s teaching career;
  • Develop virtuousness, endurance, enthusiasm, responsibility, democratic leadership and equality amidst diversity.
  • Strengthen the spirit of nationalism and nurture the individual character;
  • Acts as a role model in workmanship and achievement in the service to humanity.


    Available programs:

    • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    • Bachelor of Physical Education
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies
    • Certificate of Professional Education

    Frozen programs:

    • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education 
    • Bachelor of Special Needs Education 
    • Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education major in Home Economics

    Dr. Felix M. Diano, Jr.



    Carodina R. Ginolos, LPT, MAEd

    Niña Bienna Marie Y. Monterde, LPT, MAEDc  

    Dr. Marivic Manubag
    Graduate School