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bachelor of

science in

Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management is a four-year degree program course that incorporates employment-related issues with business management. In general, the normal evolution of the Human Resource (HR) profession can be found in the various stages of development of an enterprise. As it grows, HR gets involved in the administrative processes to ensure consistency in the handling and management of people. Moreover, HR assists line managers towards the right acquisition and development of skills and competencies of employees.The program provides students with knowledge and abilities in workforce organization, job analysis, recruitment, compensation, personnel training, legal provisions, and other labor concerns. The BSBA in Human Resource Development Management also covers topics such as principles and theories of employment, personnel training and skills development and other systems or procedures in managing people in an organization.


BS Business Administration 

PO1. Perform the functions of management, employ concepts that underlie the functional areas of business, and apply decision making tools to critically, analytically, and creatively make informed decisions to drive results.  (PQF 6, ILO 2, ILO 3)

PO2. Apply digital proficiency in analyzing data to effectively communicate information to stakeholders for decision making. (PQF 6,  ILO 4)

PO3. Work independently and communicate effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.  (PQF 6, ILO 1, ILO 6, ILO 7)

PO4. Demonstrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility by exercising high personal moral and ethical standards. (PQF 6,  ILO 7)

PO5. Analyze business environment for strategic direction. (PQF 6, ILO 1, ILO 3, ILO 5)

PO6. Prepare strategic plans. (PQF 6, ILO 1, ILO 6)

PO7. Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry. (PQF 6, ILO 1, ILO 6, ILO 7)


Graduates of BSBA in Human Resource Development may pursue a career path in various corporate and business companies. They may apply for roles such as Recruitment Trainee, Human Resource Associate, Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Employment Engagement Coordinator, Training and Development Officer, Compensation and Benefits Development Officer, Human Resource Manager, Administrative Manager, Recruitment Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Training Manager, Executive Officer, Office Manager

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