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bachelor of

science in

Business Administration major in Financial Management


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management is a four-year degree program that aims to help students acquire analytical skills, perception, and competencies necessary for sound financial decision making, cognizant of a dynamic domestic and global business environments, and mindful of their role in the business world. It focuses on financial analysis, economics, investment strategies, management systems, banking, and commercial planning. The students’ terminal outputs are research undertakings that are geared toward both application of learned concepts and/or theory development.


Graduates of BSBA in Financial Management may pursue a career path in various corporate and business companies. They may apply for roles such as Bank Teller, Accounting Clerk, Payroll Associate, Finance Officer, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Fund Manager, Stocks/Bonds/Derivatives Trader or Broker, Finance Supervisor, Trust/Treasury Assistant, Bank Management Trainee, Risk Management Associate, FOREX Specialist, Equity Analyst/Bond Analyst

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