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CAS Subject Schedules & Microsoft Teams Codes

September 18, 2020
College of Arts and Sciences – UV Main Campus
If you have enrolled in any of these subjects and your section is not found in these infographics, it means that your subject is to be offered in the succeeding months. To confirm this, kindly contact your program coordinator or college secretary.
For first semester, your subjects are divided in four (4) delivery schedules.
You will also follow the Modified Delivery Schedule and NOT the original schedule indicated in your Study Load.
■Kindly check the subject SECTION if it matches with your enrolled subject. If it does, it means that it is the subject you are enrolled in BUT you need to follow the MODIFIED DELIVERY SCHEDULE as indicated in the Infographic and NOT the original schedule indicated in your study load.
For other inquiries, please contact the program coordinator in-charge whose email address is indicated in the info graphic or you may check the pinned post on CAS FAQs on this page.

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