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A research-driven university geared towards the development of human capital imbued with social conscientiousness.


To attain its vision, the university lives-up to the following:

  • Builds and embraces a sustainable research culture among students, faculty and non-teaching staff in support of its academic programs and community extension thrusts.
  • Hones the talents and potentials of the students towards the practice of
    professions to be responsive to the changing local and global demands of time.
  • Capacitates a community guided by the university extension framework.
  • Exemplifies the ideals of leadership, love and service to humanity.


  • Produce, present, and publish multidisciplinary research outputs.
  • Provide competent professionals relevant to the demands of the local, national and global markets.
  • Equip the faculty with the necessary competencies to effectively transfer knowledge and technology.
  • Enable stakeholder to live-up to the Visayanian spirit, beneficial to the community.


  • To come-up with an outcomes-based and research-oriented academic resources across all disciplines.
  • To increase faculty and student involvement in research undertakings.
  • To raise the number of published research outputs.
  • To bridge the gap between students’ career choice and their aptitudes.
  • To provide functional learning experiences congruent to industry needs and community services.
  • To maximize exposure of faculty to relevant professional experiences to enhance delivery of instruction.
  • Leadership
  • Service
  1. Creative and Innovative individuals
  2. Critical & Analytical Thinkers
  3. Effective Communicators
  4. Collaborative & Productive Professionals
  5. Community-Conscious Leaders
  6. Confident & Self-Directed Lifelong Learners

Core Values



Graduate Attributes

  • Creative and Innovative individuals
  • Critical & Analytical Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Collaborative & Productive Professionals
  • Community-Conscious Leaders
  • Confident & Self-Directed Lifelong Learners


The University of the Visayas was founded by the late Don Vicente A. Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute (V.I.) in Cebu City. The second World War razed to the ground the physical facilities of the V.I. at its original site. Undaunted by adversities, Don Vicente reopened classes in Argao, Cebu in 1946. A year later, the Institute moved back to its present site along Colon corner D. Jakoslem Streets, Cebu City.

As early as its founding, the V.I. had pioneered in education innovations to provide equal education opportunities especially the poor but deserving students. It was the first school to conduct night school classes for working students in Cebu City in the 1940s. The “Study Now, Pay Later Plan” had been a practice at the V.I. long before it was adopted by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (now Department of Education) in the 1980s.

In 1948, the Visayan Institute was awarded university status, the first to become a university in Cebu, and was renamed the University of the Visayas (UV).

Since then, the expansion in its basic education, undergraduate and graduate offerings and in its physical facilities has been phenomenal. Don Vicente Gullas also brought education closer to the people as the school opened a total of eight satellite campuses across Cebu Province making it the private University in Cebu with the most number of external campuses.

From an initial enrollment of 37 students when it was founded, the University has evolved into an institution with an estimated enrollment of more than 20,000 students distributed throughout its campuses. Over the years, the University has also produced board exam topnotchers and distinguished alumni who have been successful in their chosen fields.

Year Founded



Executive Board

Dr. Gerald Anthony S. Gullas


Dr. Leopold Gullas-Lucero


Mr. Joselito F. Gullas

Executive Vice President

Atty. Jarred Alexander C. Gullas

Corporate Secretary

Administrative Officials

Dr. Conrado I. Iñigo, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rosemarie C. Español

Chief Finance & Administrative Officer

Dr. Anna Lou C. Cabuenas

Chief Academic Officer

College Deans

Atty. Randi Joseph Torregosa

Gullas Law School

Prof. Allan Felicano

Officer-in-Charge | College of Computer Studies

Dr. Nerissa S. Lopez

College of Education

Dr. Emma A. Yaun

College of Pharmacy

Dr. Ramie L. Bulaybulay, Jr.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Donald B. Narra

College of Criminal Justice Education

Prof. Adeline C. Lauron

College of Engineering & Architecture

Dr. Rosemarie C. Español

College of Business Administration

Dr. Nancy L. Lauron

College of Dentistry

Prof. Yvonne M. Sevilla

College of Nursing



No Name Yet

Center for Education

Dr. Rosanna R. Gullas


Dr. Resty L. Picardo

University Registrar

No Name Yet

Center for Research & Development*

Dr. Ma. Crispy B. Velasco

Student Affairs & Services Center

Dr. Jezreel Tanilon

Community Relations*

Dr. Aileen B. Catacutan

Academic Resource Center



No Name Yet

Communication & Public Affairs*

Mrs. Michelle Flor B. Abella

Human Resource

Engr. Joselito Vidal

Facilities & Maintenance

Ms. Queen Heneylour Relatorres

Security & Safety

Dr. Remedios Y. Bacasmas

Health Services