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The University of the Visayas envisions to be an internationally recognized private non-sectarian university committed to academic excellence, transformational and innovative education.


Build and embrace a sustainable research culture among students, faculty and non-teaching staff in support of its academic programs and community extension thrusts.

Develop the talents and potentials of the students towards the practice of professions to be responsive to the changing local and global industry requirements.

Capacitate a community guided by the university extension program and be a catalyst for social transformation.

Develop a community of God-centered, nationalistic, and globally competitive professionals with proactive values and attitudes.


  • Produce, present, and publish multidisciplinary research outputs.
  • Provide competent professionals relevant to the demands of the local, national and global markets.
  • Equip the faculty with the necessary competencies to effectively transfer knowledge and technology.
  • Enable stakeholder to live-up to the Visayanian spirit, beneficial to the community.


  • To come-up with an outcomes-based and research-oriented academic resources across all disciplines.
  • To increase faculty and student involvement in research undertakings.
  • To raise the number of published research outputs.
  • To bridge the gap between students’ career choice and their aptitudes.
  • To provide functional learning experiences congruent to industry needs and community services.
  • To maximize exposure of faculty to relevant professional experiences to enhance delivery of instruction.
  • Leadership
  • Service
  1. Creative and Innovative individuals
  2. Critical & Analytical Thinkers
  3. Effective Communicators
  4. Collaborative & Productive Professionals
  5. Community-Conscious Leaders
  6. Confident & Self-Directed Lifelong Learners

Core Values

Lead & Serve


Graduate Attributes

  • Creative and Innovative individuals
  • Critical & Analytical Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Collaborative & Productive Professionals
  • Community-Conscious Leaders
  • Confident & Self-Directed Lifelong Learners

The university’s stakeholders should be able to demonstrate the following skills:


  • LEADERSHIP SKILL – Work collaboratively and proactively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and take leadership roles with a deep sense of integrity, duty, and responsibility.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL – Exhibit entrepreneurial competence by creating business ideas and manage the functional areas (operations, marketing, finance, human resource) and other business strategies for economic and social development.
  • ANALYTICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING SKILL – Exercise analytical and creative thinking in providing strategic solutions and informed decisions to tackle discipline-related problems.
  • DIGITAL PROFICIENCY SKILL – Demonstrate literacy, fluency, and mastery of the digital landscape and of various innovative applications of technology for effective professional practice.
  • DATA ANALYTICS SKILL – Apply data-based reasoning in professional practice by accurately and proficiently translating data into abstract concepts using computing technology tools to optimize industry operations.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILL – Communicate clearly and effectively using written, oral, or non-verbal communication through mastery of five-macro skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking, viewing).
  • PROACTIVE ATTITUDE SKILL – Adapt positive, reflective, and respectful professional behavior by recognizing different value systems, undertaking controllable actions, and formulating innovative solutions to future challenges.