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• Alternative work arrangements, such as working shifts and work from home wherever is feasible on rotation basis.
• Prolonged face- to- face interaction between workers and clients are discouraged. Masks shall be worn at all the times and not removed. Meetings needing physical presence shall be kept to a minimum number of participants with short duration. Video conferencing shall be utilized for lengthy discussions among workers.
• Office tables shall be arranged in order to maintain proper physical distancing. Barriers maybe provided between tables.
• Limitation of personnel’s movement inside their department is highly encouraged to ensure minimal contract rate with other department. If necessary upon work to go other department, the mandatory at least 1 meter physical distance with one another be ensured.
• To maintain physical distancing, number of people inside an enclosed space such as rooms or halls shall be limited. The use of elevator shall consider physical distancing of at least, however, using stairs are highly advisable to avoid in an enclosed space with other people.
• Online system shall be highly encouraged to be utilized for clients who need assistance from offices including video conferencing.
• The security and designated health personnel shall ensure compliance to physical distancing and other health protocols.

• All work areas and frequently handled object such as door knobs and handles shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly, at least once every two hours including washing hands througly with soap and water.
• All washrooms and toilets have sufficient clean water and soap. Thus workers are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their nose and mouth.
• Maintain sanitation practice at all times, alcohol or hand-sanitizers are provided at designated areas in the university.
• Workers in office operations or classrooms and other designated workstation shall always maintain and practice physical distancing at a minimum of one ( 1 ) meter between workers.
• Eating in communal areas are discouraged. It is best to eat individual work area and all wastes shall be disposed properly. If eating individually is not possible, please at lease 1m distance with one another. All tables and chairs shall be disinfected every after use and before the work ends.
• Canteens and kitchen should be clean and disinfected regularly.

In the event that a worker is suspected as having COVID-19:

• The worker shall immediately proceed to the isolation are and never remove his/her mask.
• The attending cliniv personnel in the isolation area shall wear PPEs which shall include but not limited to face masks. Goggles or face shields, gloves and if needed. The worker shall be reffered to the nearest hospital.
• The workplace shall be decontaminated with appropriate disinfectant such as (chlorine or bleaching solutions and 1:100 phenol based disinfectant. Decontamination of the work area, work can resume after 24 hours.
• Workers present in the work area with the suspects of COVID-19 worker shall go on 14 days quarantine with specific instructions from the clinic staff on monitoring of symptoms ans other possible next steps. If suspect COVID-19 worker has negative result, co-workers maybe allowed to report back to work.
• In the event that a worker is sick or has fever but is not suspected to have COVID-19 (example: urinary infection,wound infection or any disease not related to lung or respiratory tract.) the worker is advised to ( 1) stay at home and keep away from work or crowds; (2) take adequate rest and plenty of fluids; ( 3 ) practice persona hygiene to prevent the spread of disease and ( 4 ) seek appropriate medical care if there is persistent fever , when difficulty of breathing has started, or when the he/she becomes weak; and ( 5 ) a medical certificate shall be required upon return to work.


1. No face mask, No Entry
• Wear face masks at all the times when inside the premises.

2. Submit yourself for temperature check
• Temperature> 37.5 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter the premises.

3. Fill the health questionnaire
• For health and safety monitoring and assessment.

4. Undergo hand-sanitizing, foot bath or vehicle disinfectant


1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
2. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
3. Keep unwashed hands away from the face.
4. Avoid crowded places especially with people having fever or respiratory symptoms
5. Boost your immune system by eating healthy foods and taking vitamins daily
6. Exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy
7. Maintain pysical distancing of at least 1 meter
8. Practice good and personal hygiene
9. Stay at home when you are sick.


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The University of the Visayas was founded by the late Don Vicente A. Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute (V.I.) in Cebu City. The second World War razed to the ground the physical facilities of the V.I. at its original site. Undaunted by adversities, Don Vicente reopened classes in Argao, Cebu in 1946. A year later the V.I. moved back to its present site in Colon Street, Cebu City.