UVJOR 10(4) 2016

3 months ago
01 001-006 Clinical observation of dogs serologically positive for the potentially zoonotic Ehrlichia Canis in the Philippines.pdf1,008.1K
02 007-014 Physicochemical and bacteriological analysis of drinking water in public schools of Tarlac City, Central Luzon, Philippines.pdf889.9K
03 015-020 Family and caregiving values Factors influencing career choice of Filipino nursing students.pdf849.3K
04 021-032 Thematic analysis on older people understanding of elder abuse.pdf793.6K
05 033-038 Wives’ roles among alcoholic partners in the Philippine context.pdf884.5K
06 039-048 Patient satisfaction with nursing care quality and patient safety culture in the.pdf976.8K
07 049-058 Perceptions of Cebuano mothers about the RH Law.pdf783.4K
08 059-068 Hypothesizing the Outcome of the EFA Goal No. 6 for 2015.pdf1.0M
09 069-078 Potential predictors of academic performance in science in a state university.pdf963.0K
10 079-088 Predictors of performance in the licensure examination for agriculturists (LEA) in Western Mindanao State University.pdf806.4K
11 089-098 Intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations of children in conflict with the law.pdf923.6K
12 099-104 Justice in the Philippine political and socio-economic environments.pdf838.9K
13 105-110 Crime rates in selected Barangays in Cebu City from year 2005-2014.pdf1,017.6K
14 111-114 Negritos de Cebu Livelihood and resource management practice.pdf781.0K
15 115-122 Experiences of Japanese exchange students in a Cebuano university.pdf782.0K