Spaces to Study inside the UV Main Campus

1 year ago

The daunting finals week is just around the corner and with this, every possible space where you can have that peaceful devotion to books is highly sought after. Going to cafes is a coveted drill but why shell out your extra dime when you can study for free?

Here are top five places inside the campus where you can study for that final exam without having to spend for an expensive coffee.

1. Lancer Canteen

Studying is a rigorous task and your body needs to be replenished of the energy it has lost. What better place to study than inside the canteen where you can replenish your energy by keeping your tummy full while your brain is doing the work. Just wear earphones for concentration and to avoid noise.

2. Library

Of course, the library will always be the go-to place for a peaceful reading of books. But the library near the entrance has one advantage, you can spot eye candies there from time to time. A sure motivation during break time.

3. Maritime Classrooms

The abundance of light and the quite surroundings makes the top floor of maritime classroom and ideal space to be one with the books.

4. T Square

Along the hallway, the T-Square can be congested at times, but when it’s not crowded with students, you can find that this space is actually a good place to serenely concentrate on reviewing for the examination.

5. Organization Offices

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Joining the school organizations always has its perks and one of its the privilege to occupy the organization’s office as a place to study. The free use of the air-conditioning unit and the availability of tables and chairs makes a stress-free preparation for the week-long battle.