Student Affairs and Services

Student Affairs and Services

The Center serves as the official medium of communication between the student body and the University, and the general public on matters concerning student development, student activities and student discipline. Its main objectives are:

a) total development of the student for academic excellence, personal development, leadership and social responsibility in accordance with the University’s mission-vision;

b) provision of opportunities for students active participation and involvement in the life and activities of the academic community as well as of the wider Community; and the

c) promotion of a mode of conduct necessary for an academic community; leading to an acceptance of and positive response to the University’s objectives.


1. Student Welfare Programs and Services (commonly known as the Guidance Center) – provide basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote student well-being. 

2. Student Development Programs and Services (commonly known as SAO) – provides programs designed to enhance and deepen the students’ leadership skills and social responsibility.

2.1. Student Government Organizations and Activities. The supervision of the activities of the different studied organizations and the student government including the conduct of the leadership training program.

2.2. Cultural/Sport Development. The following activities are promoted and supervise by this section.

2.3. Student Publication Office. Supports and supervises all student publications in the university.

3. Student Discipline Office. Takes charge of the judicious implementation of institutional rules and regulations of governing student behavior and investigates infractions together with a committee converted for the purpose.

4. Scholarship Service Office. This is one of the various services offered by the Student Affairs and Services Center. Its main function is to disseminate information of scholarships grants offered, to accommodate applicants for scholarship and monitor the progress of the scholars.