Research Activities

UV and BND Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Research Activities

The University of Visayas and Beta Nu Delta signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on research activities. The university’s Executive Vice President, Jose Gullas and Society’s President Jerome Babate signed the MOU for their respective institutions.

The MOU will allow the University of Visayas and Beta Nu Delta to establish a framework for research collaboration activities between the two entities in the furtherance of nursing and health research. Under the MOU, visiting scholars and fellows who will come from the membership of the Society will be designated for this purpose.

This new collaboration will help both UV and BND to deepen their understanding of nursing and health research. It will also be an opportunity to achieve their respective institutional mission and vision particularly on the area of research

according to Mr. Babate

For more information, please contact Dr. Brian A. Vasquez ( of the University of Visayas and Dr. Rudolf Martinez ( of the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society.

Visiting Scholars and Fellows to UV

The University of the Visayas has recently designated the visiting scholars and fellows. A parcel of joint undertaking of the university and the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, the purpose of this program is to bring to the university scholars who can contribute to and enrich its intellectual and research activities.

The following individuals who will serve as the inaugural class of visiting scholars and fellows include:

  • Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo, RN, Ed.D – Missouri State University (USA)
  • Joel Patalagsa, RN, Ph.D – King Saud University (KSA)
  • Ma. Cindy Leigh, RN, Ph.D – Australian Catholic University (Australia)
  • Faustino Jerome Babate, RN, MBA – Nursing for Humanity (Australia)
  • Christian Pedrosa, RN, MHA – Australian Catholic University (Australia)

Therefore, in addition to conducting their own research, Visitors will be expected to actively participate in one or more of the following activities in the university:

  • Undertaking collaborative research with university staff members
  • Presenting a ‘master class’ on their work or an area of expertise
  • Presenting a paper or work-in-progress statement
  • Giving a formal lecture to the university or wider community
  • Attending small informal discussion groups to provide feedback to research students

Summer 2017 Sees the 2nd National Research Workshop in Cebu

Continue to embark on building a corps of researchers in Visayas and Mindanao who will promote and advance qualitative research

On the joint collaboration between the University of the Visayas and the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society is the desire to enhance their respective research capabilities. An important strategy is to enhance the researchers’ keen understanding on various facets of research through the organizing of the National Research Workshops. Launched in General Santos City on 2013, this year will continue to embark on building a corps of researchers in Visayas and Mindanao who will promote and advance qualitative research.

For this edition, we will introduce the participants to phenomenology as an approach to qualitative research. We will explore recent development within hermeneutic phenomenological methodology by introducing the participants to classical phenomenological texts as well as to participants’ texts and preliminary writing exercises.

The main aim is to give the opportunity to discover and develop meaning by experiencing and interpreting the ‘world’ and the human relation to the world complex. This, in order to get closer to an understanding of what is the meaning and significance of lived experience and lived meaning.

It will be taught as workshop/dialogic lecture as these are the methods that seem to promote learning to practice phenomenology. Much of the material here is based directly on the work and writings of Dr. Max van Manen and other experts.

We would like to invite you, and your esteemed faculty to participate in this event. Registration fee is Php 1200.00 only until March 30, 2017, Php 1600.00 after March 30, 2017 and Php 2000.00 for on-site registration (inclusive of snacks and certificate). To register, please visit the event link

The seminar workshop will be held at the College of Nursing AVR of the University of the Visayas – Banilad Campus in Banilad, Mandaue City.

If you may have any concerns, you can be reached through the mobile number: 0933 394 7856 or through the following email address or

Nightingale Breakfast Forum at Cebu

The inaugural Nightingale Breakfast Forum was held on 17 May 2016 at Seattle’s Best Coffee. Organised and hosted by the Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society and Global Pinoy Nursing, this event was a valuable venue for exchanging ideas and discussing professional issues. It facilitated and promoted collaboration among Filipino nursing professionals in Cebu.

Dr. Brian Vasquez; Joseph Andrew Pepito; Ray Anne Labra; Dr. Melinda Pausanos; Dr. Brian Vasquez (Research Director of the University of Visayas); Salina Loquellano

Dr. Brian Vasquez (Research Director of the University of Visayas) facilitated the forum. In his remarks, he hope that the realities on professional collaboration, he noted:

It is our hope that this forum will bring opportunities to advance nursing and to enhance professional collaboration.

The discussion that followed covered a range of topics including collaborative agreements among institutions, joint conference, research seminars and even social media collaboration.

Joseph Andrew Pepito who is a graduate student of Cebu Doctors University and currently, the executive officer of Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society was pleased with the support extended by Global Pinoy Nursing and Dr. Joseph Tariman, an internationally renowned nursing expert.

It is hope that this event will become an annual gathering and will be replicated elsewhere.