University of the Visayas – Journal of Research

UVJOR 7(1)2013

Article Title

01.pdfAspects of climate change induced by human activities: Impact on global natural disaster mortality*475.5K
02.pdfSocietal offenders in prison: Global in-country analysis by fractals*479.7K
03.pdfBombings and violence in Mindanao: A Fractal Analysis*781.1K
04.pdfClassification of mangrove species based on leaf fractal dimensions*758.8K
05.pdfFractal similarity index for forensic handwriting analysis*986.1K
06.pdfCharacterization of Mathematics tests’ level of difficulty and discrimination through roughness analysis1.3M
07.pdfGeographic Crime Information Reporting System: Crime Mapping and Analysis1.2M
08.pdfTraffic light management system using image processing858.2K
09.pdfPsychological impact of Social Networking Sites: A Psychological Theory492.4K
10.pdfDeterminants of human immunodeficiency virus prevalence907.0K
11.pdfSensitivity of humanity on valuing life572.6K
12.pdfContributory factors and prevalent causes of medication errors among nurses in Cebu City588.7K
13.pdfPurchasing and control strategies: Economic order quantities of oligopolistic medium-scale enterprises914.2K
14.pdfContemporary nursing care based on Watson’s theory562.2K
15.pdfVariation in well-being across Law Enforcement Agencies478.2K
16.pdfImplementation of the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards in the UV-College of Teacher Education769.8K
17.pdfPerceptions on illness among terminally ill clients568.7K
18.pdfPolitico-economic influence and social outcome of English language among Filipinos: An autoethnography716.5K
19.pdfThe dynamics of barter trade among Cebuano farmers684.1K
20.pdfCebuano nurses in non-nursing doctoral degrees521.6K
21.pdfReview of Fractal and Fractal Derivatives in relation to the Physics of Fractals*690.5K
22.pdfBinaybayon: A dance composition2.2M



01.pdfPhilosophical bases of research methods: An integrated narrative review1.2M
02.pdfAntimicrobial effect of chinese creeper (Mikania Micrantia) leaf extract to E. Coli (Escherichia Coli) causing diarrhea1.1M
03.pdfInhibitory activity of Plumeria rubra (Kalachuchi), Ipomea quatica (Kangkong), Mimosa pudica (Makahiya), Euphorbia hirta (Gatas-Gatas) and Coleus aromaticus (Oregano) plant extracts against Staphylococcus aureus coagulase production991.0K
04.pdfInhibitory activity of Sandoricum koetjape Merr. (santol) leaf extract to Blood Type O fibrin formation2.1M
05.pdfDevelopment of choice preference theory in research2.5M
06.pdfIntelligence and video games: Attention theory1.3M
07.pdfAntipsychotic polypharmacy in selected Asian countries1.2M
08.pdfPsychosocial determinants of corruption1.1M
09.pdfVulnerability of Asian countries to climate variability hazards: A fractal analysis894.3K
10.pdfFractal analysis of AIDS prevalence across economic demographics974.7K
11.pdfTourist arrivals and climate risk indices: Impact of the ruggedness of climate risk conditions on tourism industry across the globe1.0M
12.pdfExtent of knowledge on falls by staff nurses in Baguio-Benguet healthcare settings1.4M
13.pdfThe academe as the source of research and the knowledge utilization uptake in the health care system768.9K
14.pdfConfirming a strong disconnection between academe and the health care institutions in terms of quantity and content of research735.4K
15.pdfDisconnection confounded at various stages of knowledge transfer from the academe to the hospital880.7K
16.pdfWorking Capital Management of small and medium enterprises in Cebu1.5M
17.pdfEvaluation on compensation packages of employees in the tourism sector1.1M
18.pdfQuality of service and its effect on stakeholder’s relationships in the Office of the Security and Safety Group of X University1.2M
19.pdfAnalysis of non-detectable cases of Cyber Crime Law950.3K
20.pdfThe death of gold in early Visayan societies: Ethnohistoric accounts and archaeological evidences1.9M
21.pdfDevelopment of the third gender linguistic variation2.1M
22.pdfCebuano folklore and the embedded Filipino values894.3K
23.pdfTraditional games in Leyte and the values learned by the players2.3M