University of the Visayas – Journal of Research

UVJOR 7(1)2013Article TitleSize
01 001-008Aspects of climate change induced by human activities: Impact on global natural disaster mortality*475.5K
02 009-014Societal offenders in prison: Global in-country analysis by fractals*479.7K
03 015-024Bombings and violence in Mindanao: A Fractal Analysis*781.1K
04 025-034Classification of mangrove species based on leaf fractal dimensions*758.8K
05 035-044Fractal similarity index for forensic handwriting analysis*986.1K
06 045-054Characterization of Mathematics tests’ level of difficulty and discrimination through roughness analysis1.3M
07 055-068Geographic Crime Information Reporting System: Crime Mapping and Analysis1.2M
08 069-080Traffic light management system using image processing858.2K
09 081-086Psychological impact of Social Networking Sites: A Psychological Theory492.4K
10 087-098Determinants of human immunodeficiency virus prevalence907.0K
11 099-106Sensitivity of humanity on valuing life572.6K
12 107-116Contributory factors and prevalent causes of medication errors among nurses in Cebu City588.7K
13 117-132Purchasing and control strategies: Economic order quantities of oligopolistic medium-scale enterprises914.2K
14 133-144Contemporary nursing care based on Watson’s theory562.2K
15 145-152Variation in well-being across Law Enforcement Agencies478.2K
16 153-170Implementation of the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards in the UV-College of Teacher Education769.8K
17 171-182Perceptions on illness among terminally ill clients568.7K
18 183-194Politico-economic influence and social outcome of English language among Filipinos: An autoethnography716.5K
19 195-206The dynamics of barter trade among Cebuano farmers684.1K
20 207-218Cebuano nurses in non-nursing doctoral degrees521.6K
21 219-228Review of Fractal and Fractal Derivatives in relation to the Physics of Fractals*690.5K
22 229-240Binaybayon: A dance composition2.2M
 UVJOR 8(1)2014Article TitleSize
01 001-022Philosophical bases of research methods: An integrated narrative review1.2M
02 023-026Antimicrobial effect of chinese creeper (Mikania Micrantia) leaf extract to E. Coli (Escherichia Coli) causing diarrhea1.1M
03 027-036Inhibitory activity of Plumeria rubra (Kalachuchi), Ipomea quatica (Kangkong), Mimosa pudica (Makahiya), Euphorbia hirta (Gatas-Gatas) and Coleus aromaticus (Oregano) plant extracts against Staphylococcus aureus coagulase production991.0K
04 037-046Inhibitory activity of Sandoricum koetjape Merr. (santol) leaf extract to Blood Type O fibrin formation2.1M
05 047-062Development of choice preference theory in research2.5M
06 063-072Intelligence and video games: Attention theory1.3M
07 073-080Antipsychotic polypharmacy in selected Asian countries1.2M
08 081-090Psychosocial determinants of corruption1.1M
09 091-098Vulnerability of Asian countries to climate variability hazards: A fractal analysis894.3K
10 099-102Fractal analysis of AIDS prevalence across economic demographics974.7K
11 103-114Tourist arrivals and climate risk indices: Impact of the ruggedness of climate risk conditions on tourism industry across the globe1.0M
12 115-146Extent of knowledge on falls by staff nurses in Baguio-Benguet healthcare settings1.4M
13 147-154The academe as the source of research and the knowledge utilization uptake in the health care system768.9K
14 155-162Confirming a strong disconnection between academe and the health care institutions in terms of quantity and content of research735.4K
15 163-174Disconnection confounded at various stages of knowledge transfer from the academe to the hospital880.7K
16 175-192Working Capital Management of small and medium enterprises in Cebu1.5M
17 193-204Evaluation on compensation packages of employees in the tourism sector1.1M
18 205-220Quality of service and its effect on stakeholder’s relationships in the Office of the Security and Safety Group of X University1.2M
19 221-230Analysis of non-detectable cases of Cyber Crime Law950.3K
20 231-250The death of gold in early Visayan societies: Ethnohistoric accounts and archaeological evidences1.9M
21 251-258Development of the third gender linguistic variation2.1M
22 259-270Cebuano folklore and the embedded Filipino values894.3K
23 271-280Traditional games in Leyte and the values learned by the players2.3M
 UVJOR 9(1)2015Article TitleSize
01 001-014The synergy of creativity and scholarship: Flexibility in crafting Autoethnographic Fiction231.7K
02 015-022Statistical fractal inference695.2K
03 023-026On the construction of a Fractal Spectrum for Data Analysis300.4K
04 027-028On the Marking-tadpole and Marking-shell Ramsey numbers of graphs150.0K
05 029-032On the relations of Fibonacci to the determinants of the sum of the Fibbonacci-Hessenberg matrices200.3K
06 033-042Discovering experience-based theory building: Offshoot of Classical and Pragmatic Grounded Theory184.2K
07 043-048Evolutionary models for the interaction of the higher education labor force and higher education market327.7K
08 049-054Gender inequality among Association of Southeast Asian Nation countries213.7K
09 055-066Modeling and forecasting of agricultural crop production and economic stability based on Gross Regional Domestic Product2.0M
10 067-074Acceptability of condom use in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections418.5K
11 075-080Variation analysis of the top 100 high lead content lipstick brands207.3K
12 081-096Investigating the mediating effect of work motivation on work engagement245.2K
13 097-106Engaging Southeast Asia: The political economy of regional leadership competition between Japan and China189.2K
14 107-114Policy enhancing delivery of public services188.2K
15 115-124The relationship between nurses’ emotional intelligence and their perceived work performance716.4K
16 125-134Work motivation and organizational citizenship behavior of employees884.3K
17 135-148Readability of Grade 7 English learning module786.3K
18 149-158Reading comprehension skills using SQ3R method304.3K
19 159-170Dickinson’s poetic themes and figurative language233.9K
20 171-188Human ethos of Paulo Coelho’s selected novels: A Critico-Thematic analysis264.1K
UVJOR 10(1)2016Article TitleSize
01 001-006 Clinical observation of dogs serologically positive for the potentially zoonotic Ehrlichia Canis in the Philippines1,008.1K
02 007-014 Physicochemical and bacteriological analysis of drinking water in public schools of Tarlac City, Central Luzon, Philippines889.9K
03 015-020 Family and caregiving values Factors influencing career choice of Filipino nursing students849.3K
04 021-032Thematic analysis on older people understanding of elder abuse793.6K
05 033-038 Wives’ roles among alcoholic partners in the Philippine context884.5K
06 039-048 Patient satisfaction with nursing care quality and patient safety culture in the976.8K
07 049-058 Perceptions of Cebuano mothers about the RH Law783.4K
08 059-068 Hypothesizing the Outcome of the EFA Goal No. 6 for 20151.0M
09 069-078 Potential predictors of academic performance in science in a state university963.0K
10 079-088 Predictors of performance in the licensure examination for agriculturists (LEA) in Western Mindanao State University806.4K
11 089-098 Intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations of children in conflict with the law923.6K
12 099-104 Justice in the Philippine political and socio-economic environments838.9K
13 105-110 Crime rates in selected Barangays in Cebu City from year 2005-20141,017.6K
14 111-114 Negritos de Cebu Livelihood and resource management practice781.0K
15 115-122Experiences of Japanese exchange students in a Cebuano university782.0K
UVJOR 11(1)2017Article TitleSize
01 001-006Antibacterial activity of formulated Psidium guajava (guava) hand sanitizer gel on Staphylococcus aureus1.0M
02 007-012A modified paperfuge technique in evaluating anemia in phenylhydydrazine-induced ICR876.8K
03 013-018Knowledge of HIV and AIDS among call center agents in Cebu City, Philippines1.0M
04 019-030Assessing cognition, health behavior, reasoned action, and planned behavior on HIVAIDS among openly homosexual men987.7K
05 031-038Philosophies of the mind and body Descartes, Ricouer and the metaparadigm of nursing948.9K
06 039-044Species diversity and distribution of mangrove vegetation in Moalboal1.1M
07 045-052Managing cooling comfort at homes and offices An austerity measures974.8K
08 053-060Occupational ergonomics in the library workplace1,022.4K
09 061-068Fractality of global primary school1.2M
10 069-076Validation of the general and professional education areas of the college of education’s retention examination Inputs to assessment of learning1.2M
11 077-088Family, individual, community and school profile analysis of learners at risk of dropping out in Cebu1.1M
12 089-098Bridges of hope The stories of those who have gone through the alternative learning1,014.4K
13 099-104Factors that influence resorts’ development in the Municipality of Dauin, Philippines1.2M
14 105-112Leadership, management and conflict management styles among nurse middle managers1.0M
15 113-120Communication competence on Facebook Knowing what to say, knowing how to communicate918.2K