Preparing for the Second Semester

1 year ago

Time really does fly. Seems like it was still yesterday when the the first semester ended, and now the opening day for another semester is sprinting full steam ahead. That’s part of the student life we definitely cannot prevent. A lot had happened I just a span of 6 months, and it might be the half of the school year but it’s never too late to start this semester with a fresh perspective. Forget the last semester blues, navigate through second semester with ease and ensure excellent class performance with these five tips.

Organise your material

Nothing beats the feeling of preparedness when you know you have organised the things you need.

Ready those books and notebooks and be like a warrior charging for battle. Also, it will help if you acquire a planner. Organising does not only mean your things, sometimes it can also mean your time.

Focus on the future

Know your goals this semester. To avoid being frustrated, remember to set relevant and attainable goals for yourself. Write everything down and build a gameplay on how to achieve those goals in a smart and efficient way possible.

Join an organisation

Joining an organisation can break your boring life routine and can make your semester exciting. Not to mention, it can can also add points for your extracurricular activities which can come in handy for future job hunting. There are probably a handful of organizations the school has to offer, why jump at it and see for yourself how it goes? It could turn out better than you imagined.

Mentally prepare yourself

Preparations doesn’t just involve the physical aspect. Being mentally unprepared defeats the purpose to even focus in your task as a student. It is important to get your head in the right place and understand that things can get overwhelming, but with due perseverance and dedication, you can get over the daunting task quickly than you can ever imagine.

Reward and Motivation

Create some sort of reward system in order to motivate yourself to easily glide through the whole semester. Reward and Motivation are important because it creates a sense of direction. There are a lot of ways to motivate oneself, what’s important is you set up something to look forward to,  it can be anything (a simple movie time after a long exam, eating your favorite ice cream after pulling an all-nighter or even just rewarding your self with gummy bears after reading 7 pages of your book). These simple tricks can create a sort of motivation which can then result to a positive and better output .

Second semester might be lurking in the corner but don’t worry, as swiftly it comes it will also swiftly be over in no time. After that, you have the summer break to be excited about.