By 2019, the University of the Visayas College of Criminal Justice Education (UV CCJE) is a research-driven college geared towards holistic development of future law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety professionals imbued with human and social conscientiousness.


  1. To design and implement an outcomes-based curricula, instructions and programs for criminology and criminal justice education based from the standards set forth by CHED and other accrediting or certifying bodies;
  2. To prepare and capacitate students for their personal and professional growth, and builds confidence and competencies in written and verbal communications, critical thinking, and creative problem solving;
  3. To prepare students for careers in law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety by providing them with broad theoretical background and practical exercises;
  4. To show better understanding of the constitutional guarantees and due process of law in so far as it affects the total administration of justice;
  5. To display higher concepts of citizenry and leadership, together with an understanding of one’s moral and legal responsibilities to his fellowmen, community and country as well as appreciation of the cultural, historical and political forces that shape the society;
  6. To create significant researches and inquiries along the fields of criminology and criminal justice education.


The University of the Visayas College of Criminal Justice Education inculcates quality and excellence, and sustainable research culture for the promotion of the common good.

With this, the college provides faculty, staff and students with appropriate and relevant knowledge, skills, and values as well as functional research competencies to produce best results and productive graduates.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology


College of Criminal Justice Education Dean