Old and Shiftees

Old and Shiftees

  1. DEPARTMENT (Re-evaluation)

    (Student’s will go to their department Coordinator/Dean for evaluation and secure ENROLLMENT FORM)

  2. ACCOUNTING OFFICE (Signing of Enrollment Form)

    (Student’s will go to the Accounting Office to settle their old BALANCE(s) if any and to pay the ENTRANCE FEE)

  3. CLINIC (Medical Check Up)

    For MARITIME Students only and other courses as required. Other COURSES will proceed to STEP 4)

    Note: All MARITIME students should undergo medical check-up

  4. DEPARTMENT (Plotting, Verifying and Encoding of Subjects)

    1. Students will PLOT the subjects
    2. Students will go to the verifier In-charge for verification
    3. Proceed to the Encoding of Subjects In-charge for enrollment.

    Note: After encoding, the Deans copy portion should be CUT and retained at the Dean’s Office

  5. MIS (Printing and Releasing of Study Load)

    (Students will present the enrollment form to the In-charge for printing of Study Load)

  6. REGISTRAR (Submission of Enrollment Form and other Documents)

    (Student will submit the Enrollment Form and other School Records to the Registrar’s Office).


    1. In-charge will double check if all subjects reflected on the study load is/are the same subjects written on the Enrollment Form.
    2. Cut the STUDENT copy then attach the STUDY LOAD and Give/Release it to the student(s).