Brief History of College of Education

The University of the Visayas was founded by the late Don Vicente Gullas in 1919 as the Visayan Institute in Cebu City. It started with only 27 secondary students. The College of Education was opened in 1938 with a two-year program of the Normal Course, i.e. Elementary Teachers Certificate (ETC). The two-year course was nurtured and developed by committed and dedicated educators, one of whom was the first dean, Mr. Vicente Violanda. He was the dean of the college until school year 1946-1947. In 1948 the Visayan Institute was awarded university status which is now known as the University of the Visayas. In the school year 1948-1949 the university was granted recognition to operate the four-year education namely: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEEd) and the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) with Mr. Nemesio Gambito as dean.

The BSEEd, BSE and BSE inverted courses went on until Dean Gambito’s retirement in 1980. School year 1980-1981 brought the lumping of two departments, the College of Liberal Arts and Education and was named CASE. Atty. Felisa Oro was installed as Dean of these two Colleges. The retirement of Atty. Oro as dean of the CASE in 1987 brought separation of the two colleges. Atty. Aurora A. Econg was installed as dean of the College of Education. In 1994 to 1996, Atty. Felisa P. Oro was re-installed as dean of the college, assisted by Madame Leticia D. Rivera. Atty. Econg was transferred to the Graduate School Department as dean. The curricula of the two education courses were revised and the course titles were changed from Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEEd) to Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and the Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) was changed to Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd).

In the year 1987, the College of Education was granted Level II Accreditation by the Federation of Accrediting Agency in the Philippines (FAAP) and by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation(PACU-COA). And in 2007 it was granted Level II Reaccredited status by the same accrediting agency. Madame Rivera was dean in 1996 when Atty. Oro finally retired from employment. School year 2000-2001, the administration goes with the changing time; these changes include the qualification of department heads and deans of colleges; thus, only doctorate degree holders can take the position. This brought Dr. Josefina T. Arreza, former University Registrar as Dean of the College of Education effective July, 2001 until her retirement in March 2007. Dr. Bernadita M. Soledad became the dean from May to October 2007 and in November 2007 up to the present, Dr. Nerissa S. Lopez became the dean of the college, Dr. Soledad than was installed as dean of the Graduate School. The College of Education is home for the thousands of committed teaching professionals who have loving hearts, a great deal of leadership potential, and a sense of service to the community.

It is a college of successful men and women. Many were promoted as superintendents, supervisors, principals and others built and operated their own learning institutions. It has made a history of producing several Licensure Examination for Teachers board topnotchers and passers, two of them who graduated in the 50’s became DECS Regional Directors like Dr. Eladio C. Dioko and Dr. Susana B. Cabahug and in the 20’s namely Ms. Marie Chris Regner – 7 th placer in September 2010, Rizza Mae Rule – 8 th placer in April 2011, Ana Mae Villamor – 5 th placer in March 2012, Myrene Kristine Rose I. Sayre – 9 th placer in January 2014, Jocebon L. Lastimosa – 9 th placer in March 2015. Presently, the College of Education Alumni have distinguished themselves notably in their field whenever they are, upholding the UV Spirit, to fight the hardest when the odds are greatest. In quest for academic excellence and attainment of the vision and mission of the school, standards are being met to cope with the Global demands. Thus, the college submitted itself for PACUCOA Reaccreditation and was granted Level III – Reaccredited status. At present it is now preparing for its Level III 1 st Reaccreditation.