College of Criminal Justice Education

Dr. Donald B. Narra College Dean
College of Criminal Justice Education



VISION                    :             By 2019, the University of the Visayas College of Criminal Justice Education (UV CCJE) is a research-driven college geared towards holistic development of future law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety professionals imbued with human and social conscientiousness.

MISSION                 :             The University of the Visayas College of Criminal Justice Education inculcates quality and excellence, and sustainable research culture for the promotion of the common good.

With this, the college provides faculty, staff and students with appropriate and relevant knowledge, skills, and values as well as functional research competencies to produce best results and productive graduates.



  1. To design and implement an outcomes-based curricula, instructions and programs for criminology and criminal justice education based from the standards set forth by CHED and other accrediting or certifying bodies;
  2. To prepare and capacitate students for their personal and professional growth, and builds confidence and competencies in written and verbal communications, critical thinking, and creative problem solving;
  3. To prepare students for careers in law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety by providing them with broad theoretical background and practical exercises;
  4. To show better understanding of the constitutional guarantees and due process of law in so far as it affects the total administration of justice;
  5. To display higher concepts of citizenry and leadership, together with an understanding of one’s moral and legal responsibilities to his fellowmen, community and country as well as appreciation of the cultural, historical and political forces that shape the society;
  6. To create significant researches and inquiries along the fields of criminology and criminal justice education.




With these virtues, we say…

Courageous and disciplined

Citizens are enrolled in UV Criminal


Education, who


Works with



Diligently in order to become


Men and women



Program Educational Objectives Students Learning Outcomes
Within five (5) years after graduation, UV Criminology graduates shall/are:



1.    Competent and competitive law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety professionals imbued with human and social conscientiousness;

1.   Students can describe the nature, causes, treatment and/or punishment of criminal behavior;

2.   Students can distinguish the roles and functions of criminal justice agencies in the administration of justice for the attainment of peace and public safety;

3.   Students can apply pertinent laws and criminological theories to practical situations;

4.   Students can use effective communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and technical writing;

5.   Students can practice career professionalism as future law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety officers;

6.   Students can display sound discipline and good values to his fellowmen, community and country;

7.   Students can influence others to adhere to the norms of conduct and legal mandates implemented by proper authorities;

8.   Students can explain and verifies the diverse, cultural, historical and political forces that shape our society.

9.   Students can produce, present and publish criminological and criminal justice researches for practical use and developmental purposes;

10.  Students can plan and implement community extension programs and services;

11.  Students can apply knowledge, skills and values in  law enforcement, crime detection and investigation, corrections, and criminalistics;

12.  Students can productively and gainfully employed locally and even abroad as officers and men of the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Jail; Management and Penology, National Bureau of Investigation, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Coast Guard, Local Government Units, Prosecution and Judiciary, Security, Safety and Detective Agencies, Criminology and Criminal Justice Schools, Correctional Facilities, and Forensic Laboratories.


2.    Demonstrate expertise and high level competencies in effective communication and critical thinking, technical writing, criminological and criminal justice research, community extension service, law enforcement, crime prevention, public safety, scientific crime detection and correctional administration.


3.    Display, share, and influence others the values of leadership, integrity, accountability, and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community and country, as well as the diverse cultural, historical, and political forces in the society.








  1. Engage in lifelong learning and understand the need to keep a breast with developments in the field of practice;
  2. Communicate effectively;
  3. Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
  4. Practice professional, social and ethical attitude, values and responsibilities
  5. Appreciate and value “Filipino historical and cultural heritage” and uphold constitutional and statutory guarantees.
  6. Apply knowledge essential to the conduct of criminological research on crimes, crime causation, victims, and offenders to include deviant behaviour;
  7. Apply knowledge, skills essential to the practice of crime detection and investigation and fields of criminalistics;
  8. Apply knowledge, skills in criminal law, evidence and procedure;
  9. Apply knowledge, skills in law enforcement administration;
  10. Apply knowledge, skills in handling offenders ‘welfare and development for their re-integration to the community.
  11. Apply knowledge and skills in defense tactics


Program Offering:

Bachelor of Science in Criminology