College of Business Administration

2nd Floor DVG Bldg.
Dr. Rosemarie C. Espanol, CPA College Dean
College of Business Administration


The College of Business Administration is a provider of quality business education that significantly contributes toward sustainable economic growth and development. Our graduates are morally-driven global leaders that share in the development of new knowledge and technology that is sensitive to the needs of time.


The College of Business Administration aims to provide globally competitive undergraduate programs that are relevant and attuned to the requirements of industry.  We empower our students with professional core competencies and critical thinking skills for sound problem solving and decision-making that is necessary in business operations management and resource development. We acculturate research consciousness across courses to effect innovation, higher efficiencies, productivity and good governance with social responsibility.


Our goals are to produce:

  1. Applied research as an output requisite for students in every course;
  2. law-abiding, ethical and good-governance-oriented citizens who are conscious of their integrity and actions, and its implication to society;
  3. successful leaders and entrepreneurs.


The College of Business Administration adheres to the following:

  1. Equip the students with the right combination of conceptual, managerial, interpersonal, technical and higher-order thinking skills to be used in a wide array of business and industry settings and other service-oriented institutions;
  2. Develop students’ capabilities to solve problems and make sound business decisions by providing them with a strong foundation on theory, principles, practices, concepts and proper use of analytical tools.
  3. Nurture the personal and social well-being of students to advance leadership capabilities to promote service to the local and wider community.
  4. Equip the students with the required professional competencies, develop critical thinking skills, communication and research skills, to pursue a globally competitive career, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur, through quality classroom instruction and relevant On-the-Job Training.
  5. Relate academic training to the practical needs of the Business Industry and the Community;
  6. Offer conducive learning milleu to motivate students and faculty in the academic process;
  7. Develop  oral and written English proficiency for effective communication and social relationship;
  8. Inculcate suitable values and work ethics for accountable practice; and
  9. Periodically evaluate and update curricula and syllabi with the inputs of business and industry experts.